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Institute of Media & Communications (IMC) is a Pakistani think-tank devoted to media issues that concern media in Pakistan and Asian region.

The IMC (then Institute of Mass Communication) was set up as a sole-proprietor firm in 1993 in Islamabad, with office in F-7 Jinnah Super Market. Wali Zahid was its founding Executive Director.

The IMC was featured in Dawn and The News, and had The Muslim as the strategic partner. Islamabad-based advertising agency, Orient McCann Erickson supported IMC.

Chairman IMC Prof Zakariyya Sajid, formerly Chairman, Mass Communication, Karachi University and former Director, Press Institute of Pakistan

President IMC Wali Zahid

About Wali Zahid

Wali ZahidWali Zahid awardWali Zahid certificateWali Zahid certificate

Wali Zahid is an award-winning journalist, futurist, disruptor, blogger, social media strategist, reformer, LinkedIn writer and author of iBook, Great Training in 10 Steps.

He runs a #Pakistan2050 hashtag on Twitter and appears on national TV on issues of significance to Pakistan. His claim to fame is this recent piece: Back to the future: Pakistan in 2050. In 2016, he won Journalist of the Year Award by Agahi.

On walizahid.com, he's writing a series called How We Messed Up Pakistan.

As CEO of SkillCity, he coaches several Fortune-500 CEOs on leadership.

He's founder of a global movement for humanizing medical education and practice. Since 1993, he is founder President of Institute of Media & Communications where top journalists taught print and TV media courses.

He can be reached on Twitter @walizahid and on Facebook where he has over 150,000 fans.